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Welcome to Chartwell Country College

Kids climbingWelcome to the Chartwell Country College family. Founded on the basic principle that all people are unique and hungry for knowledge, we aim to bring out the very best in our students. At Chartwell Country College we not only facilitate one of the best educational systems in the world at the cutting edge of pedagogy, with our roots in the Cambridge International Examinations syllabi, we also strive to give our future leaders the best education money can buy.

“We keep the classes small to ensure a world class education in every grade.” says Principal Geoffrey Lathy, “We focus on academics so that when your child leaves this school, they are well prepared for top universities around the world.”

We also focus on growing individuals into confident leaders by leaning on their strengths and helping them to develop their weaknesses. Our highly professional and dedicated staff gives our learners the individual attention they require to excel at any level academically.

Placed in the heart of Chartwell just north of Johannesburg in a peaceful country atmosphere, learners are encouraged to interact with the world around them both physically and academically to make them well-rounded global students. Cambridge International Examinations also offers an online learning academy where our students can interact globally with other students and educators which gives them an added advantage when taking their studies further. Find out more here.

 Another advantage of this system is that students can move from one country to another with minimal disruption to their education or exams. All of our exams are set and marked by Cambridge International Examinations and form part of a global standard. Find out more about the advantages of this system here.